Post Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation

Recovering from a recent sporting injury or motor vehicle accident injuries? Call our King George, Surrey location to book your initial assessment session with our registered kinesiologist. With the right Rehabilitation Surrey services, you will recover from your ailment in no time at all.

Active exercise program for motor vehicle accident clients:

  • A fully-equipped gym area for active rehab
  • Registered Kinesiologist
  • One-on-One exercise session
Active Rehabilitation sessions are vital for the victims of car accidents – which often involve soft tissue injuries to the neck, shoulders and back.

We will create a programme of rehabilitation exclusively to meet your needs and daily routine. The treatment process that may follow: strengthening & flexibility exercises, functional movement training, posture & body mechanics education. In this program, we aim to help you regain your mobility, and to erase the pain, so you can return to your normal routine without a second thought!

Active Rehab Goals:

  • To reduce pain
  • To restore mobility in the joints
  • To improve flexibility
  • To restore normal movement patterns
  • To educate the client in relation to posture and work ergonomics
  • To address issues of muscle imbalance which may be underlying the injury
  • To assist in rehabilitation of patient post MVA

There will be a long process of strength and cardiovascular exercises along with the improvement for flexibility and endurance. So that you can follow up the daily activities of the life and increase your overall strength.

Frequency of treatment sessions will be discussed after an initial assessment. In the case of an ICBC claim, a copy of the assessment and treatment plan of the Rehabilitation Surrey will be forwarded to the case Manager and client’s physician.