At Arrow Physiotherapy Clinic we offer skilled assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal, orthopedic and sporting injuries. Our Physiotherapy Clinic in Surrey can help with Assessment & Treatment of Pain, Self Management & Injury Prevention.

Our Services Include

Our process

1) The Initial Assessment

We want to learn everything we can about your injury or condition through our comprehensive initial assessment. We discuss your concerns, go through a detailed physical examination, review clinical tests and, answer all of your questions. After we establish a diagnosis, we begin the treatment plan. We’ll work together to ensure your goals are met.

2) The Treatment Plan

We tailor our treatment plans to your need so you can reach your goals in a way that fits your life. During your treatment plan we will utilize strategically chosen clinical treatments and techniques each session as you progress through your rehabilitation.

3) Communication With Your Clinician

We believe communication is crucial to a successful treatment plan. In order to ensure your rehabilitation goals are meet, we need to know how you are responding to the treatments and techniques administered. This will help us refine and enhance your treatment plan to maximize progress. Ask us lots of questions, the more you understand the better your experience will be.