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  • Is physiotherapy suitable for children?

    we offer physiotherapy services for children through our Physiotherapist Surrey

    Children who exhibit difficulty in motor function are at a disadvantage as they are limited in exploring their environment. This ultimately affects their physical as well as intellectual development. With physiotherapy intervention and treatment, maximal functional capacity for these children as well as optimal strength and flexibility will be the outcome. Physiotherapists who specialize in…

  • Stretching to improve flexibility

    Get the stretching services to improve flexibility

    Stretching is a proven way to improve flexibility or range-of-motion; the amount of movement available in a joint. From most basic of everyday activities such as dressing, reaching overhead or bending to pick up items from the floor to complicated movements, flexibility plays an important role in our lives. Stretching exercises also help to prevent…

  • Healthy body, healthy mind

    Keep your body healthy through regular excersizes

    It has been proven that people who exercise regularly not only keep their bodies healthy, but they are more alert, have better memories and seem to age more slowly. There are certain forms of exercise that take a holistic approach to fitness, combining the healthy body, healthy mind concept. This article looks at three of…