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Motor vehicle accidents – ICBC Physiotherapy Surrey

ICBC Physiotherapy Service provided by the Best ICBC Physiotherapists Surrey

We offer highly effective and quality care to help you recover after a motor vehicle accident.

Whiplash associated disorders (WAD), and / or soft tissue injuries as a result of a car crash can be extremely painful and can disrupt your activities of daily living. At Arrow Physiotherapy, we have extensive experience at relieving the pain and promoting a speedy recovery. Early intervention can help prevent long term Chronic Pain. With the same goal, our ICBC physiotherapist Surrey team is going to cater to any of the post injury treatment procedures that you are signing up for

Post MVA Rehabilitation Program

At Arrow Physiotherapy we are committed to your recovery at every step, once our experienced Physiotherapist feels confident with your soft tissue injury recovery, we will help you to progress to your next step of rehabilitation. We offer post MVA active rehabilitation program monitored and planned after a thorough assessment by our qualified kinesiologists and ICBC physiotherapist Surrey experts.

Clients will participate in a specific, gradually-progressed exercise program involving strength, flexibility, endurance and cardiovascular exercises. As the client’s ability to perform activities of daily living and physical strength improves, specific work simulation exercises are progressively added to help the individual return to work.

How the ICBC Physiotherapy surrey services work

We understand you have a busy schedule, and that is why Arrow Physio provides a very flexible schedule to fit into your daily routine. We work with you based on your availability and location! We offer this program in both our clinic or a facility of your choosing closer to your home. Our kinesiologists can meet you at your convenience and availability, so you can recover on your schedule and comfort.

Also, you can expect a thorough assessment once the therapist take your case over.

It is going to start off by first leveraging the condition.

Once the condition is first handed analyzed, only then will you get any form of idea regarding the condition that you have.

Also, after these factors are give to you by the  ICBC physiotherapist Surrey, you will be forwarded the conditions and informed about the kind of treatment that you can or will receive.

We offer flexible payment plans for ICBC claims, and we work with ICBC to ensure the only thing you need to worry about, is getting back to full health and not its coverage. Our ICBC Physiotherapy surrey services are going to make sure your ailments are eradicated right from the root.

About Us

Our registered Physiotherapists provide you with an accurate diagnosis after a thorough assessment process. This allows you to understand the condition and the treatment options available. Proudly serving Surrey and surrounding.

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